7 kilig posts of Buboy Villar and his girlfriend that will make you wish you'll find your true love

4/25/2017 7:40 PM | Updated as of 4/25/2017 8:19 PM
by: Kristhoff Cagape


On this day and age when relationships are fleeting, this couple has proven that their love can withstand anything. Buboy Villar and Angillyn Gorens brand themselves as soulmates and they are very open in expressing their love for each other on social media. 

Here are their seven kilig posts that will make you wish you'll find your one true love too.

1. "Kung saan ka man nandon ako. Lagi kitang dadamayan sa lahat nang problema at kasiyahan mahal ko."

2. "Hangang ngayon kinikilig pa rin ako sa'yo. The spark hasn't died yet and will never die."

3. "His kisses mean everything to me."

4. " I will always love you no matter what happens."

5. "Marami na tayo pinagdaanan pero eto pa rin tayo matatag."

6. "Hindi ako magsasawa sabihin sayo na I love you at ang ganda ganda mo araw araw."

7. "Mahal lagi mong tatandaan na I'm always here for you!"

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