EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber reveals closeness of his family to Maymay Entrata

4/1/2017 9:36 AM | Updated as of 4/1/2017 9:54 AM
by: Kiko Escuadro

033117-EdwardBarber_PUSH.jpgAs their partnership continues to thrive, Maymay Entrata’s relationship with Edward Barber’s family is also flourishing. According to the actor, his family is very close to Maymay and has been smitten by the actress. “Actually, I’m a little jealous because Maymay is kind of stealing my family,” Edward quipped in an interview with Push.com.ph.

He recounted an incident when his mother came to Maymay's aid. “There was a time when we were coming out of ABS-CBN through the gates and people saw us and it was Maymay, two of her relatives, my mom, and I. I was talking to two people from ABS that I know so they went out and because there were a lot of people, my mom left my side to go protect Maymay. So when I went out I got flooded and there was no one sort of saying like 'hey stop,'” he recalled.

Edward added that his sister is also very fond of the Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 Big Winner.

He relayed, “My sister I didn’t see me in five months and she hugged me and she saw Maymay. She pushed me away and went to Maymay. As in grabe, of course, ano it is for a joke joke lang. Pero all of our families are close. They are happy, we are happy.”

According to the teen star, the transition to having Maymay as his ka-love team did not require much adjustment. “Maymay and I have been close since the beginning of PBB so there’s nothing to really get used to,” he remarked. 

Just like any newcomer, Edward wants to hone his acting skills so he has been attending workshops at the moment. “It’s more about learning and preparing now,” he shared. As to his dream role, the teen star revealed that playing the lead does not entice him that much. He disclosed, “I’ve always wanted not the main role pero like you know the best friend. For example if there is a guy, the main character, and he is like nervous talking to a girl and I’m just like going to be ‘Come on, just go. Don’t be a baby, just go,’ so like that. I always want to be the best friend of the main character.”

Despite the fact that his life now revolves around show business, Edward still wants to allot time for his studies. “I would actually just want to finish high school first so I can have that basic education and then after that when I start having time I can start college because I need to think about what course I want 

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