4 reasons why Alex Calleja should be the “Funniest Person in the World”!

10/20/2016 3:35 PM | Updated as of 10/20/2016 4:01 PM
by: Gerry Plaza

102016-ALEX_CALLEJA.jpgYes, folks, another Filipino is making his mark on the worldwide stage.

But this person is not your usual grand belter, songstress, or chorale who would naturally dominate worldwide singing tilts or dancers who are simply the best in international festivals and competitions—classic, ethnic, or street. 

Well, he is actually competing in a contest we are sure Filipinos have a distinct edge—determining who is the “Funniest Person in the World”!

Definitely, Filipinos are known as zany, tear-inducing jesters, from rip roaring nights in a comedy bar to a simple office, where they are usually the stress busters. And, this situation is surely not alien to Alex Calleja, the country’s representative to this worldwide search put together by what is considered the number one comedy club in the US, Laugh Factory.

Alex would spark endless guffaws when he worked as a computer programmer for a multinational technology consulting firm.  In its office rooms full of cultural disparities, being a Filipino really clinched it. He was the funnyman everyone loved. Actually, he was so funny that he decided to ditch the data center and focus on comedy bars full time.

Since then, stand-up comedy became his life and toured the bar circuit regularly, apart from writing for ABS-CBN comedy shows, such as Studio 23’s Usapang Lalake, which he eventually fronted. Currently, on top of his Comedy Manila gigs, he writes for Goin’ Bulilit, It’s Showtime, and Funny Ko, Pare Ko. 

But what sets Alex apart and could bring him that historic, unprecedented title? Four reasons come to mind.

He’s relatable 

He easily adjusts and adapts to his audience, who fully understand and relate to his laughable situations as they reflect on real life happenings. 

Not condescending or humiliating on targets

Other comics find it easy to draw laughs by simply making fun of the audience or other targets. Well, Alex relies merely on his innate wit, charm and of course the perfect punchline, without going overboard on target selections.

Comedy that’s just right

His comedy doesn’t overshoot the mark.  He relies on the essentials—timing, realism, surprise, hostility—but doesn’t exaggerate too much in missing the punch from his one-liners and anecdotes. 

He’s a Natural

Above all, he enjoys the best description of a comic. He’s a natural. He need not reach for the sky or go to the greatest depths to earn that smile, chuckle, irrepressible hot or incessant laughs. He just really hits it where it hurts—in the tummy.

You can actually vote for Alex to become THE “Funniest Person in the World” by watching, liking and sharing this video on indi.com/laughfactory and use the hashtag #Pusongpinoy when sharing.

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