Coleen Garcia feels excited, fulfilled in choosing acting over hosting

8/1/2016 3:03 PM
by: Gerry Plaza


She is one beauty no one can simply ignore, and that made her always that charming fixture that draws viewers to the teen-oriented shows she first appeared in to her breakthrough hosting stint on It’s Showtime.

But as it was unraveled in her most recent TV appearances and movies, Coleen Garcia has emerged as one artist beyond the surface-level acting fare. And as evident in her most gripping performance in MMK as the mentally ill Pauleen in “Kadena,” she has proved to be a multi-faceted, versatile, and riveting actress, capable of essaying such extremely difficult roles.

A shift, she says, has been very fulfilling.

“I’m still as excited as I was from the moment I started acting and ever since I fell in love with it, parang that love just grows deeper and deeper and the passion just becomes stronger so as I take on different kinds of roles, and I’m glad and I’m very thankful that I’m being given different kinds of roles hindi yung paulit ulit. It remains to be exciting for me,” Coleen said.

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A photo posted by Coleen Garcia

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